When we became a Certified Shop in August 2013, we were asked if we would like to participate in designing a pattern for a book.  Of course, we had to jump at this chance.  Who wouldn’t???  We checked out all the elemental options that were presented to us as choices in our design.  I very carefully copied off several of the elements and tried to create my design on a wall using paper pieces.  Not the most efficient way to design a quilt let me tell you!!

So plan B:  I decided that I needed to make this design on a computer so I checked out how to trace blocks in EQ6 design program and learned how to scan the block into the program and “trace” around it to create my own unique block.  Voila!!  This is making things a whole lot easier!!

UNIT M copy  Just a sampling of a component that I traced into EQ 6 in order to plan the layout.

So in planning the layout, I already knew that I wanted something different and not symmetrical.  It needed to have “odd” corners to fit the different requirement.  Well, I got stumped on exactly how it was to come together so I took the computer with the beginnings of a design and decided that I needed some assistance.  Debbie and I decided to start twisting blocks around and when we felt that it was right, we stopped!! (Isn’t that what you do when you design??)


So that was the easy part!  Once the design was approved, now came the hard part — we needed to get some samples made.  The first quilt was made by my mom (she is much faster than I am in getting things done!).  She made it based on the color choices we had in the original design.  As she was working on her sample, she suggested that we think about “floating” the stars and using the same background throughout the quilt.  So the second sample (the green one in the book) was made by one of our customers — Susan London.  Susan is also much faster at completing her projects than I am so she was an excellent choice for helping us out.


Well not to be completely left out — I had to create my own version as well.  I decided to make mine out of cottons as opposed to batik fabrics.  I also wanted to add a couple of borders for a different look.  Because of other events happening for us at the deadline date, I was not able to get mine completed in time for the book.  But it is ready for quilting now and I’m looking forward to getting it finished.

IMG_0513This is before the borders were added — a completely different look!!

We agonized over the name of the quilt and after lots of ideas being presented, I decided that Montana’s Native Splendor would be appropriate.  The whole feel of the quilt reminds me of the area we live in surround by Native Americans and their culture.  I just kept seeing arrowheads with the elements and just felt like the name defined the quilt.

We were thrilled to be involved in such a great project and I am looking forward to seeing lots of different quilts being made using all the patterns from this book.

Our gift to one of you is a set of the papers to make our quilting this fabulous book — “Montana’s Native Splendor”.

Leave a comment on our blog here and the winner will be “drawn” from the comments.

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